Shootflying Hill Sauce Company’s
sauces are delicious, easy to prepare, and preservative-free. They are handmade in small batches using natural ingredients that you will easily recognize. You can trust the quality of these sauces and feel good about your support of a small company while you delight your family and friends by treating them to something wonderfully decadent.

Shootflying Hill Sauce Company’s Milk Chocolate Lover’s Dessert Sauce appeals to people who enjoy a sweeter, milkier chocolate. The Dark Chocolate Lover's Dessert Sauce has a toasty flavor followed by a strong chocolate kick. Because both sauces are made with high quality Belgian chocolate, they are smooth and chocolatey – not sugary.

Shootflying Hill Sauce Company is proud to introduce two additional dessert sauces - Salty Butterscotch and Peach Bourbon. The Salty Butterscotch Dessert Sauce has just the right amount of fleur de sel to balance the sweetness. The Peach Bourbon Dessert Sauce makes a mean peach crisp and is excellent over roast pork.




Here’s what our customers have been saying about it:

“We tried your chocolate sauce over the weekend and it is so yummy, it's addictive! I think it should be sold as a controlled substance :) It warms up so nicely in the microwave. We had it with strawberries and ice cream. I am thinking of making crepes this weekend and pouring it over them.”- Helen Rennie

“It was sublime...very sophisticated. should do great…
it is a real standout.” - Miles Freeman

“I loved it! I put it on ice cream last night and didn't even warm it up because I hadn't put it in the fridge yet. It is really delicious! I liked it better than Smuckers!! You've got a winner!” - Marilyn Carrera

“Your chocolate sauce was excellent. I brought it to my parent's house and we all tried with a bowl of ice cream and thought it was great. I like how it hardens once it's on the ice cream. My husband (who is the ultimate chocolate lover) came home last night and tried out his chocolate Smuckers to see how it would compare and said that your sauce was far better.”
-Trish Landry


"I had the pleasure of tasting your dark chocolate sauce at the World Trade Center this past Friday. It immediately brought me back to my childhood when I was enjoying the best hot fudge sundae in the world from Bailey's on Tremont Street in Boston. Congratulations on a great product."
-Barbara Lafferty

*This product contains milk and soy and was processed using equipment that also handles known allergens including: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, and egg products.


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